Sweet Angel Bird ® – Fashion, Jewelry and Giftware Character Brand

Sweet Angel Bird ® is a tiny kawaii baby Firebird. She is a cute magical fairy-tale character that has a flame of candle fire on her head that will warm your heart and fill it with light and joy. Sweet Angel Bird ® is a symbol of good luck, happiness and dreams.

Fashion, jewelry and giftware cute character art brand Sweet Angel Bird ® immerses you in a beautiful, delicate and cozy atmosphere of a fairy-tale, full of brightness, magic and sparkle. Each unique, super cute, stylish and colorful piece delivers an experience of delight and wonder. The fresh, kawaii and playful take on the popular trends and folk art motifs are perfect for a fun and creative lifestyle. Bright prints and patterns will bring cheer to your surroundings, pastel shades will make your space feel luxe and dreamy.

Sweet Angel Bird’s ® name is Capitolina ®. It means “majestic” and “regal” in Latin, it stems from the Latin word “capita” (“head”).

Sweet Angel Bird ® loves to play dress up, she wears nice clothes, pretty headwear, Teddy Bear costumes, Matryoshka (Nesting Doll) dresses and other adorable outfits. Sometimes she changes the color of her feathers from shades of yellow, gold and orange to white.

Capitolina ® also loves cooking delicious treats and entertaining her guests.

Sweet Angel Bird ® character brand is marketed under the slogans: The World’s Only Fashion Brand Based On A Character That Brings Good Luck ® and The Key to the Very Best of Luck ®. The cute line featuring Capitolina ® in Nesting Doll costumes, Folk Doll dresses, Teddy Bear costumes and holding pies, pancakes, baskets of fruits, berries, flowers and jars of honey is sold under the brand name Sweet Angel Bird: Pryanik ®. The character will appear on many kinds of merchandise.

Sweet Angel Bird’s ® name, image, logos and slogans are registered trademarks in the USA, UK, Russia, Japan, Monaco, China and other countries. The copyright belongs to me (Olga Davydova) as the brand’s creator, owner and designer.

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